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#LocalCharacter: SFC Michael Runyon, WV Army National Guard

A Career of Serving Others

SFC Michael Runyon has been serving in the US military since he graduated from Tug Valley High School in 1996. “I went straight into the army from there,” he says. After that, he was in the Army Reserves, before joining the WV Army National Guard in 2005.

Supporting His Community

Michael chose to join the military because of his father, who retired from the army after serving for 23 years. When he later chose the National Guard, he was drawn in by the retirement options and the chance to work another job at the same time if he chose. However, he ended up devoting himself to the National Guard full-time. “Most important is our mission to help the communities throughout West Virginia in whatever they may need assistance with,” he says of his work with the guard.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Guard has helped communities across the country, and it’s important to him that he himself follow the guidelines so that he can continue helping people in his community. “I keep myself protected in case I am needed to help within our communities of Logan and Mingo County.”

Sharing His Experiences

As a recruiter for the WV Army National Guard, SFC Runyon says he enjoys the chance to share his experiences with others. “Being able to work in my hometown and help provide young adults in the area an opportunity to experience what I have, and the ability to go to college...along with getting paid is what makes the job feel important to me.”

If you’re interested in more information about the WV National Guard of Logan, Boone, and Mingo Counties you can find them on Facebook or find information on the Army National Guard website.

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