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#LocalEvent: Floating Down the Tug!

For five years, Wildlife Women has been a great way for women with a passion for the outdoors to get together to share knowledge and inspiration with one another. “We have been around for 5 years, but 4 years as a non-profit,” says Wildlife Women Chapter Leader Cassie Diamond. As chapter leader, she covers Pike County, Kentucky, and Mingo, Logan, and Wayne counties in West Virginia.

Educating, Inspiring, Encouraging

Wildlife Women was formed because the founder’s daughter had severe allergies, and she grew dependent on wild game meat to eat. “We got started by our founder and president, Bridgette Holbrook, because her daughter depended on wild game meat to eat,” Cassie says. “Bridgette wanted to learn more and be able to use the skills in the field, and be able to bring more ladies into the outdoors!”

Wildlife Women brings a lot to the table for women who enjoy the outdoors, or want to learn more about the outdoors “We educate, inspire, and encourage more women to get into the outdoors, and enjoy it,” Cassie says. “We hope that by bringing more women into the outdoors, we also encourage more families and children to do so.”

Enjoying What’s In Your Own Backyard

Cassie has been with Wildlife Women for 4 years, and one of the first events she created for the area was Float ‘Em if You Got ‘Em. “Float ‘Em is probably one of my most favorite events,” she says. “This will be our third year. It’s a float starting at the boat ramp in South Williamson, Kentucky, and travels down the river to exit in Chattaroy, West Virginia.”

Float ‘Em is a family event, and you can float whatever you like, Cassie says, “Whether it’s a pool float, kayak, or canoe!” That’s how the event got its name. “I want anyone who wants to participate to be able to do so.”

Cassie’s favorite thing about Float ‘Em If You Got ‘Em is seeing all the new faces who come out to participate. “People come from all over to participate,” she says. “We have had people from all the way up in Cincinnati come to take part in this event.”

Cassie believes organizations like Wildlife Women are unique. “Organizations like us are special,” she says. “We are non-profit, yet we thrive because we love what we do. We love getting more women and their families involved in the outdoors, and to be able to teach them something they probably never would have tried in life.”

She believes that our area needs more organizations and events like this. “We inspire new ideas and new ways to enjoy what is already in our own backyard,” she says. “A bonus is that with each event, we bring more tourism to our areas, which is a small way to contribute to growth.”

Float ‘Em If You Got ‘Em is scheduled for July 24, 2021. Float registration will begin at 8:30am at the boat ramp located at 1069 Central Avenue, South Williamson, Kentucky and will start out on the water at 10:00am. The cost is $5.00 per person, which will cover the provided shuttle service. The float is expected to last 2-3 hours. You may bring snacks and drinks for the float, but alcoholic beverages are not permitted. For additional details, check out the Wildlife Women Facebook page and the Facebook event page!

Photos from Wildlife Women Facebook

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