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#LocalEvent: Local Film, Local Foods Night at the Williamson Farmers Market

Over the years, the Williamson Farmers Market has brought plenty of locally grown foods to the area. However, that isn’t all they have to offer. While the market is a great place to support local produce growers and artisans, the market is also constantly hosting a variety of events and classes to the area.

Putting the Spotlight on Faith and Farming

On Saturday, July 23rd, they will be putting the spotlight on a local film, called Re.Wild.Ing, which explores the connections between Christian faith and farming. The Local Film, Local Foods Night is described by Kristin DeBoard, Marketing and Nutrition Manager for the Williamson Farmers Market, as being a special “one time thing” that was planned after the filmmaker reached out and asked to collaborate with the market for this event.

The market will be providing a variety of meals to purchase, starting at $5. Meals will feature local meats, such as grilled chicken, sausage, bacon, and eggs.

“Our mission is to promote local foods and farmers so of course we said yes,” Kristin says. She is excited that they will be able to offer local meats. “Local meat on a production scale has been almost nonexistent for a while, so having local meats is such a success that I hope it encourages people of a working age to begin farming for profit.”

Encouraging Future Farmers

The organizers of this event are excited to see what this kind of event can do for folks in the area. “I would hope that this type of event could bring a spotlight to the local food system,” Kristin says. “I also hope that it encourages people to farm as a career.”

Local Film, Local Foods Night will be Saturday, July 23 at 6pm at the Williamson Farmers Market location on 3rd Avenue in downtown Williamson. Food will be provided courtesy of High Wall Farms, and the film is produced by Kaleb Hanshaw of the Wild Country. To learn more about this event, check out the Facebook event page.


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