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#LocalFoods: Harvest Dinner at Starters Sports Bars & Grill

For years, Starters Sports Bar & Grill has been one of the most prominent eateries in downtown Williamson. They have a solid reputation if you are looking for a delicious meal. Now, they’re trying something new with their upcoming Harvest Dinner.

A New Offering For Starters Diners

“The Harvest Dinner is an opportunity for Starters to offer locally sourced ingredients through a unique menu only accessible during this specific time of year,” says Michael Brewster of Starters. The event got started when folks with the Williamson Farmers Market reached out to Starters to determine ways they might form a partnership and provide more local produce on the menu. “We developed an idea for the Harvest Dinner, to offer a unique event and an opportunity to taste local produce within our familiar setting.”

They built the menu collaboratively, by putting together lists of items harvested during this time of year, and building their menu based on that list. The menu will feature four courses, all putting the spotlight on locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

The meal will begin with a pumpkin soup made from Napoli pumpkins, an Italian heirloom pumpkin with sweet flesh and minimal seeds, provided via the Farmers Market. This will be followed with a salad created from locally sourced greens and apples and a balsamic vinaigrette prepared by Williamson Farmers Market staff, as well as pecans and feta cheese. The entree will be chicken and mixed vegetables, with a side of potatoes from a local grower. Finally, for dessert diners will enjoy carrot cake, also made from produce from Williamson-area farmers.

The folks with Starters are excited to present this menu to the public. “We’re proud to offer such a hearty menu with several ingredients found locally,” Michael says. “The ingredients used in this dinner allow our community to come and discover what is offered locally. By hosting this, we are able to combine a network of people who may not normally connect to establish new relationships and form alliances within our community.”

Ultimately, Michael is optimistic about what this represents for Starters, describing their goal as "forming partnerships that allow us to reach a greater audience and establish brand awareness for both us and the Williamson Farmers Market.” He continues, “We hope to show our community how to support local businesses and create positive reputations. The ultimate goal is to grow business and establish meaningful connections.”

The Harvest Dinner will be November 5 at 4pm. Tickets cost $25 and can be picked up in person at Starters. FYI: Tickets are getting low, so get yours now! To keep your eyes on this upcoming event, check out the Facebook event page.


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