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#LocalGrowers: Walker's Family Farms

Don’t Give Up

“If you want to do something, don’t give up,” says David Walker of Walker Family Farms. “10 years ago you could not have convinced me that we would be farming, much less in two places, have a commercial kitchen and a maple syrup operation.”

The idea of Walker Family Farms growing as it has might surprise David, but the success of Walker Family Farms is no surprise. After all, for a small vegetable farm, they offer a tremendous variety of fresh and canned items. “We raise corn, greens, turnips, butternuts, old fashioned squash, and other things,” David says. They also have an on-site commercial kitchen where they prepare canned green beans, dried beans and apples, apple butter, and hot pepper jelly. They also offer maple syrup, and have a pumpkin patch.

Walker Family Farms sell their products on-site, as well as at the Pikeville Farmers Market, at The Coal House in Williamson, and at Appalachian Lost and Found in Matewan.

Growing With Family

David, who also sells mining supplies, and hunts in his free time, says his favorite part of working the farm is working with his family. “I enjoy growing things, but most of all, I like doing it with my dad and son,” he says. His favorite things that they sell are the Perry Taylor Fall Beans, a popular heirloom bean, and apple butter. “We all love getting out and making apple butter at events,” he says. “It just makes people happy to see it being made in person.”

If you’d like to check out what Walker Family Farms has to offer, check out their Facebook page, where they often post updates and articles highlighting their hard work.

All photos from Walker's Family Farms


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