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#LocalLodging: Hidden Mountain ATV Resort

Need a Place to Stay? 

Attention trail riders!  Need a place to stay? Hidden Mountain ATV Resort offers a variety of cabins and houses for folks looking for a place to stay while they ride the famous Hatfield McCoy Trails. At present, they have 2 locations: one in Belfry and one in South Williamson. 


“We started this business as a trial run with our Bear Camp property in Belfry,” says owner Randy Workman “Immediately we were very successful with booking coming in almost immediately after opening on Memorial Day of last year.” In late fall 2022, they purchased their second property, and began developing their second site. 

Plenty to Choose From 

Hidden Mountain offers folks 3 cabins at their Belfry location, and a home and RV lots in South Williamson. Their largest space, the Papa Bear Cabin, offers lodgings for 6 guests. All cabins offer use of outdoor TVs, free wifi, a gazebo with fireplace, a washpad for ATVs, and full kitchens. 

For Randy, the best thing about owning this business is meeting all the people who come to the area. “We love meeting people that come to this area for their weekend getaways and vacations,” He says. “We are very interactive with our guests, and we routinely go trail riding, cookout, and even have arranged surprise wedding engagements on the trails.” 

Looking to learn more about what Hidden Mountain has to offer? Visit their website and their Facebook page to learn more! 

Photos from Hidden Mountain ATV Resort Facebook page.

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