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#LocalNonProfit: S.O.S- Save Our Strays

Are you a cat or a dog person? Whether you love the feeling you get when a cat is purring and snoozing on your lap, or you prefer a jog with your favorite canine, everyone loves their furry friends. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every animal that should have a home, has one. That’s something S.O.S (Save our Strays) is trying to correct, at least in the Mingo County area—and they’ve been doing it for about 15 years.

“S.O.S is a non-profit organization consisting of officers, board members, and foster parents,” says Kathy Caudill Thompson, President of S.O.S. “There is no humane society or animal shelter in Mingo County, but we do have a dog catcher in the area that will pick up animals. We are trying to work with them to find homes for the animals before other measures are taken.”

S.O.S is not an animal shelter, and they aren’t able to take in every animal from the streets—but they can connect those animals with folks who are willing to take them in. They depend on the help of volunteers, and foster parents willing to be a temporary home to animals in need. “Our goal is to have a safe place to keep abandoned or stray animals until we can find a home for them,” Kathy says.

The volunteers at S.O.S are proud of what they do, and they know that if they can help even one animal, it’s all worth it. “At S.O.S, we take pride in the fact that we are helping these animals, and we are not going to give up on them,” Kathy says. “We believe that all animals deserve a chance to survive and find a forever home. If we can save even one animal from being put to sleep without a reason, then we have accomplished our goal.”

The Save Our Strays group could always use some help and they are always open to new volunteers or foster families, or donations. To learn more about opportunities for volunteering, or how to donate, call 304-235-2854, 304-475-4713, or visit the S.O.S Facebook page to learn more and keep yourself up to date on what they are working on!

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