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#LocalOrganization: Healthy in the Hills

Since 2015, the Healthy in the Hills initiative has been helping folks throughout the area live healthier lives. Amy Dearfield Hannah, who also works with the Mingo County Family Resource Network describes the work Healthy In the Hills does as being diverse. “We address social determinants of health and health equity through community engagement, active living, and healthy eating,” She says.

10,000 Healthier Lives

Healthy in the Hills started in 2014, when the Healthy in the Hills hashtag was created as a way of stating the initiative’s goals. “The hashtag was branded as a way of saying that all of our efforts were leading towards a healthy lifestyle for folks in the hills,” says Amy. They decided to keep the term to describe their goals moving forward, and the goal from that point on was to make 10,000 lives healthier.

Helping Folks in the Hills Stay Healthy

Amy became a board member with Williamson Health and Wellness Center in 2013, and because Healthy in the Hills and the Family Resource Network share so many goals, she became a joint employee of both in 2017. As the Community Resource Network Director, she oversees their community outreach efforts.

To reach their goal of 10,000 healthier lives, Healthy in the Hills helps host events like Coalfields Got Talent and the Back to School Block Party, fitness and healthy living activities at schools, efforts with the Williamson Farmers Market and healthy cooking classes. In addition to working with the community, Healthy in the Hills has worked with a variety of organizations and people to promote healthy living, and brought together people who otherwise, might not have connected. Recently, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and Healthy in the Hills worked together to host Young Entrepreneurs Day 2020 for area youth with an interest in small business ownership.

To learn more about Healthy in the Hills and what they’re doing to make Williamson a healthier place, visit their Facebook Page!

All photos provided by Healthy in the Hills

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