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#LocalRadio: 102.5 Peace Radio Williamson

It’s true that, these days, there is no shortage of alternatives to listening to music on the radio. A variety of music streaming services allow you to have your favorite music at the tips of your fingers whenever you like, and almost every musical release is available for purchase digitally. This isn’t even to mention the options for buying physical copies of your favorite music. However, none of these are a substitute for tuning into local radio stations. Local radio stations have a lot to offer folks including great music, local information, and the chance to support local jobs. If you’re a fan of tuning into the radio, you now have a new station choice from Mountain Top Media. 102.5 in Williamson, dubbed Peace Radio is on the air now!

“Uplifting and encouraging”

Peace Radio is described by Cindy May-Johnson, the President of Mountain Top Media, as an “uplifting, encouraging contemporary Christian music radio station for the community of Williamson.” Creating this radio station was an idea that was a long time coming, she says. “I had long considered starting a contemporary Christian music station,” she says. “102.5 had been programming sports talk for years, and we realized that it was not serving the community.”

Cindy and the Mountain Top Media staff researched their options for music providers, and selected Salem Network programing, and thus, Peace Radio was born. She hopes that the station can reach people of all denominations, regardless of whether or not they attend church. “The music and talk are always positive, with the intent of giving people a boost whenever they listen.”

Bringing More Positivity to Williamson

Cindy is excited for this chance to bring a little happiness to the area– something she believes this area needs now more than ever, after years of battling COVID and other societal issues. “We felt people desperately needed more positivity in their lives,” she says. “The time was right.”

Cindy also believes that radio is the perfect format for sharing positive messages. “There is no other free audio format that you can tune iin to that is intended to make you feel better when you listen,” she says.

In addition to listening on the radio, Peace Radio is available through the Mountain Top Media App, which can be downloaded to your phone. To learn more about Mountain Top Media and their productions, check out their Facebook page.

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1 Comment

Aug 17, 2023

In a world brimming with digital music options, the timeless charm of local radio stations continues to shine brightly. While soundcloud promotion grant us unprecedented access to our favorite tunes and digital purchases provide a convenient way to own music, there's an irreplaceable magic to tuning into local radio waves.

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