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Love Fashion? Meet Instagram Influencer Taylor Elkins

Love of Fashion

Taylor Elkins has always loved fashion. “Ever since I could walk in my mom’s kitten heel pumps, dressing up has always been a love of mine," she says. Taylor runs a 3,000-follower strong personal instagram, where she shares her love of fashion with the world. “I started posting my outfits in 2013, and I started a blog in 2015, but still focused mainly on using Instagram as a platform to post my daily looks.”

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

In 2019, Taylor was added to the fashion platform “Like To Know It”, an app and website that lets followers shop her entire look. For her, it’s a great chance to help people learn to be more comfortable experimenting with fashion. “I love when people ask ‘where do you shop? Where did you get your outfit? Can you help me style an outfit?’” she says. “I love styling and helping people get out of their comfort zone with fashion.”

Express Yourself!

After graduating from Williamson High School in 2011, Taylor initially studied fashion when she began college, but decided to take another path. After graduating from Marshall University in 2015, she now teaches elementary school at Matewan PK-8. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, running, and, of course, shopping.

Taylor doesn’t consider herself an influencer. She says, “I feel like I’m just a girl trying to bring a little happiness through fashion! Fashion is like a creative escape for me. It’s a moment to express who you are without even saying a word.”

To see what kind of outfits Taylor puts together, check out her Instagram and the on the Like to Know it app!

All photos from Taylor's Instagram account

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