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Make Kindness the Norm

Random Acts of Kindness Week is observed each year in hopes to make kindness the norm. This year RAK Week is being celebrated February 16-22, 2020. After looking through the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation page, we have a few ideas to share! Let’s start celebrating RAK week in Williamson and everywhere you may be! Here are a few ideas for work, school, home, and community.

At Work

Going to work isn’t always the most fun thing to do. However, it can be a place filled with kindness.

1. Bring an extra umbrella to work to lend out when it’s raining. We’ve had a lot of rain lately. I bet you can think of a time you forgot your umbrella and would’ve LOVED for someone to have an extra you could use!

2. Fill a bowl or jar with candy to share with others. Some days we could all use a treat to make it through those days that seem a little long at work.

3. Make a “Kindness Board” in a common area. Ask your co-workers to anonymously write compliments about each other and post on the board.

At School

School can be lots of fun, but it can be tough too! Every now and then teachers, staff, and students need a little encouragement.

1. Students: Do you know a classmate that seems a little down? Maybe a new student in class? Say hi! Sit with him/her at lunch. Share a snack.

2. Teachers: Recognize students that are always kind to others. Thank them for showing others how to be kind.

3. Teachers, Students, and Staff: Make the effort to be kind and courteous to everyone you encounter during the day. Even when it’s tough or your day isn’t going so well, remember to use kind words.

At Home

Sometimes we are on our best behavior in public but at home, our manners and kindness fall to the side. It’s important to show kindness at home too!

1. Sit down together as a family. If schedules don’t allow everyone to have dinner together, make time for family time before you go to sleep at night. Ask each person what the best part of their day was and listen.

2. Help each other with chores. There’s lots to be done in a home. Divide and conquer those chores together. Don’t leave it all up to one person.

3. This advice is for children and adults: Pick up after yourself, take care of your dishes, tell each other, “Have a great day!” before leaving the house.

In Your Community

1. Help a neighbor carry groceries.

2. Pay for someone’s coffee or lunch.

3. Smile at others. It doesn’t cost anything to smile and sometimes that’s all that someone else might need.

These are just a few examples of how we can incorporate kindness into our daily lives. There are TONS of things you can do. The one thing to remember is, Random Acts of Kindness does not need to cost a lot of money. If you can pay for someone’s lunch or help them with a need- that’s great! However, the smallest gestures of kindness are often the most appreciated. Those acts of smiling, saying hi, asking someone how they are, and listening are free. We can all afford kindness. So, go out and sprinkle kindness everywhere! If you know someone that is kind or has experienced a random act of kindness, share your story!

Click here for more info on Random Acts of Kindness Week.

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