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Max Gilliam, "Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle"

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

For many, being a part of the Boy Scouts of America is the highlight of their childhood. For Max Gilliam, a recent Belfry High School graduate, the memories he made as a scout will always have a special place in his heart, especially since he recently earned Eagle Scout status just before his departure for college.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank a scout can achieve, and only about 4% of scouts will achieve this honor. Max has been involved with the Boy Scouts since he was in the first grade after he received a flyer at school. “I showed the flyer to my dad after I got home, and the rest was history.”

Making Friends & Learning Survival Skills

To become an Eagle Scout, Max worked towards earning various merit badges and completing community service projects. “The road to Eagle was mainly going to campouts, earning the merit badges required for Eagle status, and doing community service,” Max says. The last thing he had to do was lead a project in his community. “I decided to paint the wrought iron rails at my church in Williamson, so whenever one of my fellow scouts was available to come help me out, I would lead them in doing whatever needed to be done.”

As part of Scout Troop 321 of the Chief Cornstalk District, Max tells us his favorite part of being a scout was getting to spend time with friends and learn important skills. “I think the number one thing for me was getting to camp out with friends and learning leadership and survival skills that normally aren’t taught in the classroom,” he says, “and, of course, making new friends in scouting along the way.”

Now that he’s graduated from high school, Max will be attending Eastern Kentucky University, where he’ll major in History. He’s not sure yet what he’ll do after that, but he knows that, no matter what, he will want to continue working with the Boy Scouts. “Wherever I find myself living in the future, I would love to help carry on the traditions of the Boy Scouts to new generations if I can.”

Congratulations on your achievement, Max!

To find more information about the Boy Scouts of America’s Chief Cornstalk District of the Buckskin Council you can find them online at:

Photos provided by Max's proud parents, Matthew & Sherri Gilliam

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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2020

Congratulations Max! I was part of Troop 305 at Forest Hills, Ky some 56 years ago. I also, optained Eagle Scout status, some of the best and memorable years of my life. Again congratulations and good luck in the future.

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