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Mingo County Small Business Assistance Program

In November 2021, a new initiative started working to create entrepreneurial training and business coaching in Mingo County. According to Bryan Shaw, the Mingo County Small Business Assistance Program services could include “business plans, e-commerce, websites, marketing, and financing”, but they will also be delivering a variety of workshops throughout the year to inspire new businesses and help those existing grow.

The Mingo County Small Business Assistance Program was created in partnership with the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority, the Hatfield McCoy Regional Authority, and the Coalfield Development Cooperation.

Though this program has only been around for a short time, they’re already doing some impressive work. “A few of the more notable and early successes include assisting with the financing on one new business, as well as helping another add one of their properties to a popular booking website,” Bryan says. “Within two weeks of that, they had already received guests, and are looking forward to more bookings.”

By the end of February 2022, they plan to begin scheduling the first of several training workshops, and they’re looking forward to helping more new businesses get started. Bryan says, “Starting a business isn’t easy, but as long as someone is willing to put the effort in, programs like this can be very helpful.”

If you’re interested in more information about this program you can contact Bryan Shaw through email at:

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