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Mountain State HD First Responder Appreciation Dinner & BBQ Throwdown!

Thank You for Your Service

Mountain State Harley Davidson hosted their Annual First Responders Appreciation Dinner on Saturday, June 22nd and this year they added a new twist to the day! Four local BBQ vendors participated in a throwdown competition to find out who served up the best pulled pork!

Local first responders were invited to spend a fun day with their families to enjoy food and fun, while the kids got to hang out with Chase and Marshall from TV’s Paw Patrol. Talking with Mountain State HD owner, Eddie Keefer we find this day is about having a good time, but it’s also to show appreciation for all the first responders do every day.

“I think our first responders are under-appreciated. To serve and protect our communities the way they do, they don’t get enough credit. It’s a soft spot for me, I have friends in both the fire and police departments- they don’t get enough appreciation for what they do. To me, I think they deserve their day,” says Keefer.

Each BBQ vendor donated 100 pulled pork sliders, Mountain State HD purchased sides for the dinner from the vendors, and the Harley Owners Group (HOG) Chapter at the shop provided desserts for everyone. While the first responders and their families were treated to a delicious dinner, the competition was heating up between the competitors.

Let the Competition Begin!

Mountain State HD employees, Mike Wilson, and Tim “Tiny” Kainer took charge of adding a BBQ throwdown to the fun of the day.

“We got to know several of the BBQ vendors through different events, like Bike Night at Smokin’ Pit BBQ in Williamson. So, I approached Eddie (Keefer) and brought up changing it up this year with this competition,” said Mike.

After the group decided to host the competition, Mike did a call-out for competitors. Smokin’ Pit BBQ of Williamson, Trail 12 BBQ of Gilbert, Fat Jacks of Logan, and Carnivore BBQ of Lincoln County answered the call and were ready to compete. In the days leading up to the event, Mike and Tiny took a trip to each BBQ place to try the food and do a Facebook live video to show what tough competition was coming up.

Smokin’ Pit BBQ owner, Justin Marcum was excited for the Pit crew to be part of the competition.

“We support our local first responders and wanted to give back to them. The competition also provided a chance for us to showcase our exclusive way of smoking the meats with local wood. Most barbecues in the area utilize gas in their smokers, but we feel that wood makes all of the difference. It’s important to us to slow smoke our meats fresh every day,” said Justin.

The Trail 12 BBQ team said they’ve always wanted to participate in a competition somewhere local. Since they operate at their ATV Resort and Adventure Rental business, weekends are their busiest time meaning they don’t have time to travel out of the area to compete. With this being local, it was the perfect opportunity to finally take part in a competition. The Trail 12 team added, with this being an event to show appreciation for local first responders, they knew they had to support this event.

And the winners are…

Judges Choice

1st- Carnivore BBQ

2nd- Trail 12 BBQ

3rd-Smokin’ Pit

Top Hog Award Presented by the Mountain State HD HOG Chapter

1st- Carnivore BBQ

2nd- Trail 12 BBQ

3rd- Smokin’ Pit BBQ

People's Choice

1st- Smokin’ Pit BBQ

2nd- Trail 12 BBQ

3rd- Carnivore BBQ

Oh, the sweet smell of victory or in this case the delicious smoky smell of victory!

On the win for Smokin’ Pits People’s Choice Award Justin added, “It’s an honor for our team to win the People’s Choice Award. It truly means the world to us. We take great pride in our meats and seasonings. We’re blessed to have great customers.”

So, who’s hungry for some BBQ? We know some good places to recommend to you!

Congratulations to all the winners! Most importantly, thank you to the First Responders for all you do to serve and protect us each day. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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