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Mudlove Offroad 1st Annual Spring Cleaning Ride

Sharing a Passion and Helping Out

Since March 2019, the Mudlove Offroad group on Facebook has been the place for riders of all kinds to come together to talk riding and machines and share information. The group was founded by Ben Oehler and Erin Moss, and months later, their lifelong friends Bassem and Amy Lambert joined their team.

“We really wanted to share our hobby of riding trails and ATV parks with everyone. We love riding, meeting new people, and exploring,” Says Bassem Lambert. “As a company, Mudlove wanted to bring people together to help businesses and communities thrive in the increasingly popular offroad sport.”

The foursome enjoyed West Virginia’s trails, and they were heartbroken to see trash littering the place. So, they came together to do something about it, and the Mudlove Offroad 1st Annual WV Spring Clean Ride was born.

“This ‘clean-up ride’ came about because we wanted to give back to the WV communities that share their beautiful trails with us. WV is such a beautiful state and we are so grateful that they are willing to share with us,” says Bassem. “So, we decided that each year we will host a big event to bring people from the offroad community in to help clean up what the litterbugs have left behind. We quickly had a huge response to our ride.”

Folks from throughout the community reached out asking how they could help, and they decided to “up the ante” and have prizes and raffle items donated to raise money for the community.

A Win-win for Everyone

The Spring Clean Ride will start at Riders Paradise in Herndon, WV, and riders will head out to pick up trash at the trails throughout the region, including around Williamson. Riders can buy t-shirts to celebrate their participation, and buy raffle tickets for a variety of prizes. All proceeds will be donated to local charities, and all riders will be bringing canned food as the price of admission.

For Bassem, it’s a great chance to do something he loves while helping the community. “It’s a win-win for everyone, we all get to do what we love most: ride, all the while cleaning up the trash on the trails and raising money for the communities.”

The Spring Clean Ride will start on March 28, 2020 at 10 am. For more information, visit their Facebook event page!

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