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National Do Something Nice Day

In today’s busy world, with work, school, and responsibilities at all corners, it can be hard to put the focus back on the little things. That’s what makes holidays like National Do Something Nice Day so special– they provide us with a little reminder to put some good into the world however we can, and that those little acts of kindness matter. With this day just around the bend, Williamson Forward has a few ideas about how we might celebrate and acknowledge this day with a little niceness.

The great thing about National Do Something Nice Day is that it’s easy to celebrate, even if you’re short on time and money. Doing something nice can mean something as small as paying a genuine compliment to someone in your life. Any compliment will do, but if you really want to be your kindest self, focus on aspects of personality, and personal accomplishments. Telling someone that they look nice today might brighten their mood, but telling them how you admire their sense of humor, intelligence, or kind heart will do even more!

It’s also a great day for a random act of kindness– whether that’s paying it forward while getting your coffee, dropping a little extra in the tip jar, or just doing a favor for your significant other, parent, or neighbor!

Speaking of your loved ones, don’t forget them when you’re thinking of ways to celebrate Do Something Nice Day. Buy some flowers or a small present, or write a little note telling them how much they mean to you. If you have a furry, feathered, or scaly friend, you could feed them a special treat, or give them a little extra love.

National Do Something Nice Day is celebrated every October 5. No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember to give a little kindness back to yourself as well– even if that’s just taking five minutes to enjoy some screen free time, or a short walk around the block.

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