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Wind Down in Williamson: How to Relax on #NationalRelaxationDay

Life is stressful, and when you catch a free moment, the first thing anyone wants to do is relax. National Relaxation Day is the perfect opportunity to wind down by doing something you love. Here are just some of the ways to relax right here in Williamson!

“Normally in my free time I fool with cars. I enjoy working on them, especially my own. I attend car shows, car meets and cruise ins. Racing of any kind really relaxes me though, mostly drag racing in Bristol. I enjoy it because it makes me calm and makes me feel like I have no worries because I’m doing what I truly love.” - Brooklyn Fields

If cars are also your thing, check out Mingo Pike Car Club’s Outdoor Car Show on August 17th at Southside Mall!

“To relax I like to walk along the West Williamson floodwall to clear my head and also to keep a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people think exercise is a chore, but I find it quite fulfilling.I guess my definition of relaxing is different from others. I just can't stand sitting in one place for a while so I always have to stay moving, and walking is relaxing to me.”- Cody Tackett

If walking is a stress reliever for you, check out Tug Valley Road Runners Club’s Tuesday Night Track for a relaxing stroll!

"Well, I feel like [fishing and kayaking] is something that I can do with my dad that kind of bridges a generational gap. [...] I feel like we two going on these fishing and kayaking trips is like, on the borderline of competition and recreation. [...] When you’re out there, it’s you, the water, and POSSIBLY fish, and that’s it. No WiFi, no time constraints, nothing. But it’s almost like a scary freedom too. It’s almost like conquering the river”- Austin Trent

For anyone interested in fishing or any river activity really, check out the Friends of The Tug Fork River on Facebook!

“It helps take stress and depression off to get out in hills in the Jeep, and I enjoy just driving it around. I like just getting it out and cruising it around. ”- Matt Chafin

The beautiful Appalachian mountains are the perfect place to kick back and relax. Check out the Hatfield McCoy Trails or explore local reclaimed strip jobs for a great place to take your ATV or whatever you go muddin’ in!

“I spend my free time with my family, fiancé and our fur babies. Relaxing with my family is the best way to spend my free time, and escape stressful day to day activities.”- Taylor Robinette

Spending time with the family can be a great way to relax, especially in Williamson. You can take a break from cooking dinner, and head out for a nice meal with your family at one of the downtown restaurants like Starters, Smokin Pit BBQ, or 34: Ate or bring them by the first ever Love Williamson Celebration on the 17th! Afterwards you and the family can spend the evening bowling at Hatfield & McCoy Recreation Center or exploring the amazing trail system. There are

tons of ways to relax as a family right here at home

“I found my love for running after I lost both of my parents. I had been depressed and gained weight, and a friend said let’s go do something. I would walk, and I would run, and I would cry. It helped me heal. I do it just to get away. I use it to pray sometimes. You can think and clear your mind while you’re running. It’s just an escape. It gives you time to focus on one thing. It’s a way to get away and forget about it all. Sometimes I do it with friends and we’ll just have a good laugh and talk it out.“ - Eugenia Whitt

Tug Valley Road Runners Club offers tons of events for anyone who finds running just as relaxing as Whitt. If you’re interested in running, check out the Tug Valley Road Runners Club Facebook Page, and be sure to check out their upcoming races in the “The Fastest, The Dirtiest, and The Oldest” race series!

“When it comes around football season, my favorite relax time is being in those stands with my classmates! It’s great to be apart of something so great. It may not be so relaxing when it comes to all of the hype and shouting for our team. But it is definitely a top pastime during the fall for me." - Alyssa Keene

Sports, especially football, are a major past time and a great way to unwind for a lot of people. Catch Belfry’s first home game on August 30th and Mingo Central’s on September 6th!

No matter what you do to relax, be sure to take some time to do it for this special day.

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