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National Teacher Appreciation Week: Who's Your Favorite?

May 4-8, 2020 is National Teacher Appreciation Week! Have you taken the time to tell the special teachers in your life how much you appreciate them? Seniors at Tug Valley High School were quick to tell us about their faves!

“My favorite teacher is Lorraine Davis. She tries to go above and beyond with EVERY student. No matter if they have similar qualities, beliefs, or views on things she treats them all the same. She doesn’t stop teaching after the smartest kid in the class understands, she continues until each and every student has an understanding. Also, she is a teacher inside the school building and out. She never fails to take a moment out from her day to help with unrelated school things as well.” - Ethan Varney, Tug Valley High School

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Starr. I have had him as a History teacher for 2 years at Tug Valley. He teaches the important stuff so students will learn instead of just assigning busy work.”

- Blake Davis, Tug Valley High School

“My favorite teacher is Kim Brown. She is a science teacher at Tug Valley. I have had the pleasure of having her two years in a row as she teaches a multitude of science classes. She’s my favorite teacher because she is my #1 fan. She always encourages me to do my very best and she has always believed I can achieve any goal I want. She has the sweetest heart and she is like a “school mom” to me. She’s the first person I tell any good news to and she always cheers me on. The world needs more people like Mrs. Brown!”- Elisabeth Baisden, Tug Valley High School

“I have many favorite teachers at Tug Valley High School, but there’s two in particular who have had a huge impact on me. One being Lorraine Davis. She has inspired me to become an educator by being a great example of what she does. She has also thoroughly prepared me well for my life after high school. Another teacher is Katrina Newberry. I’ve gotten so close to her throughout my four years of high school. She’s always been there for me if I needed advice, to rant, or help with anything. Without having these two amazing women in my life, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I’m forever grateful for them and the life lessons they’ve both taught me.”

- Abigail Spence, Tug Valley High School

“So, I don’t have a singular favorite teacher. These teachers right here, have all impacted my life in the best way possible! Thank you so much Riffle, Starr, Browning, and Newberry for all that you have done for me during my high school years! ~Love Steve.”

- Steve Sartin, Tug Valley High School

(Thanks for sharing your photos, Steve!)

Teachers play an important role in the lives of children and the world. As the quote goes, “Teaching is a profession that teaches all the other professions.” To have a teacher that offers kindness and compassion along with higher learning is invaluable. Thank you, teachers for all that you do and your lifelong impact.

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