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New Beginnings Christian School Senior Spotlight: Joshua Clark

Working Hard To Graduate

After years of hard work, Joshua Clark is excited to finally be graduating from New Beginnings Christian School in Delbarton, West Virginia. Joshua is the only senior in New Beginnings’ Class of 2020. Even though school could be difficult at times, he enjoyed it for the memories he made with his teachers and classmates. “It was a little hard, but I got through,” he says. “I liked school because I got to see my favorite teacher and friends. They were the ones that helped me graduate.”

Joshua’s favorite subject is health, and outside of school, he enjoys playing video games and spending time riding dirt bikes in the great outdoors. He is still considering his options for post-college plans, but is considering becoming a welder.

Despite the difficulties, Joshua feels this has been a great year for him. “This is probably the best year of my life, and I am so happy that I am graduating," he says

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