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#NewBusiness: Wilson Expedition Services

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one definition of expedition is, “A journey or excursion undertaken for a specific purpose.” Wilson Expedition Services of Williamson, West Virginia is ready to help you start your journey with the specific purpose of enjoying all the Tug Valley area has to offer!

Wes Wilson, owner/adventure guide/photographer says, “Through the creation of Wilson Expedition Services we will provide both locals and visitors a unique showcase of the truly incredible beauty our area has to offer. No matter the season, there are so many recreational "highlights" all over the Tug Valley Area. Without a doubt, a very important goal is for folks to get back home after their adventure and have that "WOW" moment when they reflect on the sheer beauty of the things they encountered.”

As far as services offered, Wilson Expedition Services will be offering professional guide services for both trail riding and hiking with a kayaking component coming along in 2022. Wes says for trail riding, several group ride events will be scheduled, but primarily the focus will be on "a-la-carte" tours which will have designed routes completely based on the clients schedules. Tours will range in length from half-days to full-day rides.

For hiking, Wes notes the interest in hiking has grown in the area, and with this many people also are interested in having a guide with them during the hike, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the hiking trails. Hikes will be offered to some of the classic hiking destinations around the area such as Death Rock, Picnic Rock, Castle Rock, and more.

Wilson Expedition Services is booking trail rides now! Cost varies based on the length and complexity of the requested adventure, and number of machines involved.

“On average, expeditions will range from $50 to $85 per machine. To book, folks can visit "" and visit the "Our Adventures" tab. There, all the tours are shown and explained, as well as details pertaining to each. There are contact buttons on each tour to reach out directly!” says Wes.

Another advantage of booking with Wilson Expedition Services is, as a professional photographer, Wes will make sure you have an opportunity to capture some fantastic shots to share with others and preserve your memories!

So, why did Wes decide to create this service? He explains he feels like this will benefit both locals and tourists because it provides folks with the opportunity to see new things that (regardless of if they live here or not) will probably be sites they've not been afforded the opportunity to take in before. Additionally, as the business grows, he plans to invest in additional tools to transport people to unique places they may not have ever been able to go.

Wes notes, “A good example is, several older folks I personally know have repeatedly told me "I'd really love to see that view from Death Rock", or other notable overlooks. However, they don't have a way to get there or are physically unable. I see that as a very special opportunity to give someone a chance to see something they couldn't enjoy otherwise.”

Another reason Wes created Wilson Expedition Services is the love of the great outdoors has been with him his entire life.

“Riding the trails in our area has always been a part of my life. I started riding on the mountain below our house on a Pee-Wee 50 Dirtbike as a little kid and was hooked. There's something

so special about the wind blowing and the scenery passing you by; that childhood "feeling" is something that certainly drove me to create Wilson Expedition Services,” Wes continues, ”I love the outdoors and it's been a passion of mine. In addition to riding, during my childhood, my uncle John Weaver, and cousin Johnathan Weaver would take me out on hikes with them. Those adventures would be some of my best memories of going "out in the hills" and spending a few hours trekking to some amazing places right here in the Tug Valley area.”

Are you ready to start your journey? Wilson Expedition Services is booking now for the remainder of winter and spring 2022. It’s time for you to go explore the mountains!!

You will find Wilson Expedition Services on Facebook, Instagram, and online at:

All photos provide by Wes Wilson

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