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Play Ball!!!

The City of Williamson Parks and Recreation is excited to sponsor the Coal Country Coed Adult Softball League. This new program is being organized by Williamson Parks and Recreation Executive Director Jarrod Dean.

Jarrod says he thought starting this league was the right thing to do for our communities.

“Throughout the rich history of sports in the Tug Valley region, not only have sports been loved by the youthful players, but also by adults. I have heard the stories of the communities coming together to play the games, as well as sit in the stands and enjoy watching the games."

Team registration is happening now and is set to end on June 4, 2021. According to the registration form, teams can have up to twenty players on the roster to schedule for games, with no more than ten players per game. Teams also must have a minimum of three female players in the game and on the field at all times. Team fee is $400.00 per team and this includes ten shirts. Additional shirts will be available for $8.00 per shirt. Games will be scheduled once team sign-ups are completed. The hope is to host games throughout the summer and into fall.

Games will be played on the softball field located in West Williamson, which served as home field for the Williamson Wolfpack middle school softball team this year. “I am very excited to bring this league to the newly upgraded softball field. This was a major advancement in our developments...Many folks have come up to me to say, ’thank you, that field has never looked like that’, "Jarrod says.

Businesses, community groups, churches, friends, and families are encouraged to register a team. Jarrod explains, “It's time we bring back some of the things that have been laid aside, pick up the torch, and bring fun, family functions to the forefront of our community once again. I am very excited to be organizing this and so far we are receiving an amazing response. It's all for the kids and our families and this is just one of many ways Williamson Parks and Recreation will play a major role in the lives of our communities.”

To register your team or find out more information, you can contact Jarrod Dean at 304-785-7602 or email

Jarrod reminds everyone, "I want people to know that we here at Williamson Parks and Recreation are here for them and that we are trying very hard to create, maintain and develop the best parks for our community. We have recently revamped our rental prices and we want the people to know that our goal in all our revenues is to put those revenues back into our parks and projects. We have a lot of work ahead of us and having the community's support, and most of all prayers, is the best thing we can have.”

Now, it’s time to play ball!!!

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