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Ready for a Creepy History ATV Tour? Let's go!

Aunt Betty’s Creepy History Tour

For folks who love riding the trails and history, or just all things spooky, Aunt Betty’s Creepy History Tour will definitely pique your interest. Hosted by Trail 10 House and ATV Tours, this tour sold out when it was announced in Fall of 2019. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the tour, originally scheduled for spring, had to be pushed back, but on June 27, riders will get a tour of important historical sites in the area.

Visit Fascinating Sites from the Hatfield-McCoy Feud

The tour is described by Heather New, co-owner/operator of Trail 10 House, as being their “best-seller to date”. Heather is from California, and didn’t grow up around the history that people in the area are so familiar with. The tour gets its name from the Aunt Betty who took in Roseanna McCoy after she got pregnant by Johnse Hatfield and was exiled by both families. Sadly, Roseanna's baby died, and her grave is close by Aunt Betty's House. Heather was interested in Aunt Betty’s, and was curious to know if the home could be reached by ATV. After finding that it could, the tour was created.

After visiting Aunt Betty’s, riders will visit other important sites, including the Matewan Massacre site. Participants will cover between 50 and 60 miles of trails to get to these locations. “This is an all-day tour, and has tons of history and photo ops,” Heather says.

Leo New, Heather’s husband and Trail 10 co-owner/operator, was born and raised in the area and dreamed of doing this his entire life. He and Heather wanted to give tourists something to really make their lives better, if even just for a day. "We want people to leave WV feeling fantastic about everything they did,” Heather says.

To learn more about Aunt Betty’s Creepy History Tour and the sites they will visit, and to purchase tickets, visit the tour’s event page!

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All photos provide by Trail 10 House & ATV Tours.

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