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Registration is Open for the 2023 Magnolia Fair Festival Pageant

Giving Local Ladies Their Time To Shine 

It’s almost time for the Magnolia Fair Festival in Matewan, WV! That means the Magnolia Fair Festival Pageant is coming, too. 

Developing Lifelong Skills 

Some folks might dismiss pageants as all about makeup and dresses, but there is a lot more to it than just looking getting dressed up. Amy Hannah, who directs the pageant, believes pageants help participants gain many skills that are important in daily life. “Pageantry allows participants to develop many skills that are valuable for everyday life: self confidence, poise, public speaking and interviews, and more,” She says. 

The pageant will be divided into two parts: a twelve and under category, with participants wearing denim bottoms and a solid color tee, and their outfit of choice, on June 16. The pageant for those thirteen years old and older will be on June 18, with participants competing in formal wear and fun fashion, with activewear and spokesmodel as optional categories.

Continued Support 

Winners don’t just get the honor of winning the pageant; they are also supported year round by the mayor and the city council in Matewan. Amy tells us, “This event brings the opportunity for ladies of all ages who love pageantry the opportunity to be a part of the family culture in the town of Matewan.” 

Many who have won at the Magnolia Fair Festival  Pageant have gone on to see success at other pageants across the state, and even on the national level. Paisley Bolyard, who won in 2022, went on to win American Royal Beauties National Excellence Pre-Teen, and Baylea Smith, who also won in 2022, recently won America’s Ideal Miss Central States Pre-Teen, and will be competing in July for the National title. “I feel so proud to have been a small part of their journeys,” Amy says.

Above all else, Amy says, it’s about ensuring that everybody has a great time. “I strive to ensure that every set of contestants has an enjoyable time while creating bonds with other ladies who have the same interests,” She says. 

Registration for the Pageant is open until May 28th. To register, call Amy at 304-784-0403 or find her on Facebook. For more information, check out the Facebook event page. 

Graphic from Amy Hannah


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