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Second Annual ATVenture Festival

Southern West Virginia is all about helping others! It’s also home to some of the most beautiful off-road trails you’ll ever find. The Appalachian ATVenture Festival combines these two things to create an action-packed trails festival while supporting local charity!


Running May 1st through May 5th, the Second Annual ATVenture Festival serves two purposes: One, it is a fantastic way to showcase the Hatfield & McCoy Trails and outdoor adventures in southern West Virginia for both locals and visitors. Second, funds raised through this festival are used to support the Larry Joe Harless Center Summer Feeding Program for Children. It’s tons of outdoor adventure for a great cause!


The festival is sponsored by the Hatfield & McCoy Trails and Offroad Hooligunz of West Virginia, but the support doesn’t stop there. Local ATV businesses Twin Hollow Campground & Cabins and Mountaintop Adventures are also helping make this festival an event to remember. Many local businesses and community members are donating to charity raffles, hosting festival activities, and offering their support.


Now, for the activities -- the list is LONG.

This festival offers charity raffles, mud pit, poker runs, competitions like dirt bike fastest laps, and SXS Dirt Track Races. Then, there’s the live music, karaoke, corn hole, food vendors, and inflatables for kids!

Another unique festival sponsored event is the 5 Town Challenge. The goal is to visit five towns connected by the Rockhouse, Devil Anse, and Buffalo Mountain Trail Systems during the five-day festival. These towns are Gilbert, Man, Matewan, Delbarton, and Williamson. Each town will have two participating restaurants where riders will collect a challenge card. Cards are returned to the Larry Joe Harless Center and exchanged for a 5 Town Challenge decal. That’s an amazing way to see the towns and explore the trails!

More Info:

WOW! What a schedule!!

For more information, details, fees, and locations check out the Appalachian ATVenture Festival on Facebook, HERE. Are you ready to ride the trails and enjoy outdoor adventures at its best? What are you waiting for?! We’ll see you on the trails!

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