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#ShopLocal: Winter Market

Close your eyes and think of the Williamson Farmers Market. What do you see? It’s a pretty good guess that you’re picturing fresh tomatoes and hot summer sunshine, and you aren’t wrong. During the summer, the Williamson Farmers Market is a great place to buy fresh produce, but for the past four years, they’ve also hosted the Winter Market.

Shop Local for the Holidays

They started the Winter Market as a place to grab gifts for the holiday season. “We started Winter Market as a chance for people to buy local for Christmas gifts during Small Business Saturday,” says Kristin DeBoard, Marketing and Nutrition Manager for Williamson Farmers Market. “We also started it because I wanted to sell (live) trees. I loved the idea of an old fashioned tree lot in town.”

Put simply, they wanted to capture the feeling of a small town Christmas. “We wanted to bring back the nostalgia of a small town Christmas, along with promoting all the wonderful gifts our vendors have.”

The Winter Market will feature a variety of craft vendors that are not present during the regular farmers market season, though that doesn’t mean it’ll be a whole new group of vendors. “Several of our vendors have other items they work on during the fall and winter, and this is a showcase for them.”

In addition to all of the vendors, they’ll also feature a smoker and pig roast, which is new. They’ll be calling this the Christmas Café, and they’ll offer tables between the live trees for an outdoor dining area.

Speaking of the live trees, they are definitely Kristin’s favorite thing they’ll be offering. “I enjoy the live trees probably more than anyone else,” she says. “I like to offer them to people as a local agricultural product, because they are such an exhaustive process for the grower that they deserve some love.”

The Winter Market will be Saturday, November 27 from 3pm-6pm. It will be on 2nd Avenue in downtown Williamson in the Williamson Health and Wellness Center parking lot. To learn more, visit the Facebook page.


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