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#SmallBusiness: Cajun Confections

Haley Chambers, a native Mississippian who has lived in WV since 2019, is bringing her own delicious treats to Williamson, with Cajun Confections, an online fudge shop offering more than ten delicious flavors! 

Cajun Confections, which takes its name from her Mississippi roots, got started when she and her husband started fertility treatments. “I wanted a way to help try and offset some of the cost that comes with that,” She says. “Fudge is something I’ve made since I learned how to cook, it’s something everyone always likes, and I have fun making it, so I thought it was the perfect thing for me to try and do.” 

Something For Everyone 

Cajun Confections offers peanut butter, chocolate, dark chocolate, rocky road, Snickers, orange dreamsicle, cake batter, snickerdoodle, key lime, salted caramel, and maple fudge. Her favorite is “and will forever be” the peanut butter, which she makes vegan when she makes for herself given her inability to eat dairy. She is always looking to try new flavors, and is open to suggestions. “I’m always working on new flavors and I’m always open to suggestions if anybody has a favorite that they want me to try and make.” 

Her favorite thing would probably be sharing her creations with new people. “My favorite thing is meeting new people and knowing that my little treat put a smile on their face,” She says. 

When she’s not making fudge, Haley is working on her courses at Marshall University, where she is pursuing a degree in dietetics and works part time at The Collective Retail and Artisan Shops in Williamson. She also has a german shepherd who is “basically her child,” and she coaches little league softball in the summers. 

To learn more about Cajun Creations and keep up with the sweet treats she’s offering, check out Cajun Creations on Facebook! Although Haley doesn’t have a storefront currently, you can also place your orders through Facebook! 

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