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Southern WV Fishing Expo & Swap Meet Update!

If you’re a fisherman or outdoorsmen in this region, chances are you have already heard about the Southern WV Fishing Expo & Swap Meet coming up on Saturday, March 13th at the Williamson Field House. We’ve talked with Jarrod Dean, Executive Director of the Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission, to get more details about the event!

Homemade Lures, Bait, and Outdoor Equipment-- Oh My!

The Fishing Expo & Swap Meet will feature more than 40 vendors, selling a variety of outdoor products and more.

“We have vendors ranging from custom lure makers, bait shop owners, all the way to outdoor equipment such as kayaks and fishing rods,” Jarrod says.

Vendors will come from around the region, including the Carolinas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and good ol’ West Virginia. Vendors will set up across 70 booths, using a socially distanced layout to keep all in attendance safe.

Williamson Parks and Recreation will also be raffling off fishing gear, tools, and clothes. “We will have tickets for sale (at the event),” Jarrod says.

Get A Hole In One at Fishing Golf

The event will also feature a fishing/golf hole, which Jarrod says is the event he is most excited about.

“If you aren’t familiar with fish golf, it is casting a line with a lure into a bucket distance to distance,” he says.

Showing What Williamson Can Do

Jarrod and the Williamson Parks and Recreation Board of Directors are excited to introduce such a large event to Williamson in such a short period of time.

“I am very excited that I have been able to organize such a large event in just over a month,” Jarrod says. “This event is the first like it in Williamson. We are not only going to show Williamson that we can handle such large events, but also show the region that we can have events of this magnitude.”

Jarrod believes events like this will be a boom for tourism in the region.

“Trade shows and the other large events that the Williamson Parks and Recreation intend to host will be an economic driver for our community and region, and also we will be a driving force for tourism.”

The Fishing Expo will be on Saturday, March 13th from 9am - 7pm at the Historic Williamson Field House. Admission fee is $5.00 per person and free admission for kids 10 and under. Looking for more info? Call or text 304-785-7602, or check out the event page on Facebook.


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