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Spooky Fun and Creepy Rides!

Heather and Leo New are no stranger to all things spooky-- in fact, they love spooky! The couple, who own Trail 10 House and ATV Tours, have done plenty of haunted history tours spotlighting the spookiest spots Bloody Mingo has to offer, and this Halloween, there will be no shortage of spooky fun to be had with them!

The Halloween Haunted History ATV/SXS tour will take riders all around some of the scariest and most interesting locations in the area, including the site of the Matewan Massacre, various sites from the Hatfield-McCoy Feud, and a cemetery. “We give very unique experiences to trail riders that others don’t offer,” says Heather and Leo. “We want you to have the time of your life and leave feeling like you got your money's worth.”

The Halloween Haunted History Tour will take place Saturday, October 23, from 9:30am to 6:30pm. Riders will be required to wear helmets and have a valid trailpass for the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system.

Looking for something a little more Halloween-themed? The 4th Annual Zombie Run might be what you’re looking for! The Zombie Run will be a shorter tour that will hit a lot of the best spots, including the site of the Massacre and Ellison Hatfield cemetery.

The twist here is that riders are encouraged to wear zombie makeup and costumes while on their ride, and they’ll be returning just in time for Williamson’s Annual Spookfest Celebration. The Zombie Run will begin at 9:30am on October 30, 2021in Williamson.

Want to learn more about the Halloween festivities with Trail 10 House and ATV Tours? Check out their Facebook page to get more information.


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