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Super Science Day at the Market!

The Williamson Farmers Market, in addition to hosting a variety of events to put the spotlight on local produce to adults in the area, hosts many events designed to encourage kids to take an interest in food and health. They have had plenty of cooking classes and other fun activities for kids through the years, and this year, they will be doing something a little different: Super Science Day!

“We always do kids events at the market, and we usually do something with taste testing or something like that, but there is so much cool stuff to do with food,” Kristin DeBoard, Director of Marketing and Nutrition for the Williamson Farmers Market says.

Hey, Kids! Start Playing with Your Food!

Activities for this event are still to be decided, however one activity Kristin plans to do with the kids will involve marshmallow fluff and slime. Overall, organizers are planning to experiment with taste and science, all while letting kids play with their food.

Super Science Day will be Saturday, July 23, at 9AM at the Williamson Farmers Market on 3rd Avenue in downtown Williamson. To learn more about this event, check out the Facebook event page.

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