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Tamarack Foundation for the Arts RIPPLE Program

Creative Collaboration RIPPLES in Williamson

How can we nourish community and collaboration in Williamson?

Williamson, WV - Williamson has been selected to participate in the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts (TFA) RIPPLE program. Program participants will design and implement two artist-led projects in the town. RIPPLE is TFA’s artist-led community and economic development pilot program for artists and their communities, designed to help communities create a shared vision of collaboration for developing public art and supporting working artists at the local level by connecting artists with other businesses.

Participating communities will receive TFA coaching, technical assistance, and $10,000 in mini-grant funds to design and implement two projects that pay local artists for services and bridge the gap between business and arts.

The initial RIPPLE community-wide brainstorming session for Williamson will take place via ZOOM on July 12, 2022, 6pm-7pm, to discuss the big question: How can we nourish community and collaboration in Williamson? The purpose of this meeting is for community members to share their visions and acquire collective insight into which specific arts activities the community would like to see happen. The meeting will also serve as an opportunity to recruit 12-20 participants for a 2-day intensive project design workshop at a later date.

To participate in the zooming must register through this link:

Note: Community members are encouraged to attend the brainstorming session even if they cannot commit to the project design workshop. Community input is needed in order to guide project development.

The Williamson RIPPLE intensive project design workshop will take place in-person on August 6th &7th, 9am-4pm, and will include an experiential learning tour of town on Sunday morning before finalizing project plans on Sunday afternoon. More details will be shared at the community brainstorming session.

TFA Operations Director Domenica Queen has been working with community partners since February to prepare for the launch of RIPPLE in Williamson. “It is always a joy to see people team up across sectors and make creative projects come to life. With RIPPLE we are empowering people to leverage the arts for change in their communities. The ripples from these artist-led projects that Williamson community members will design together bring artists to the table, building up and strengthening relationships that will carry into the future.”

If you have questions or want to get in contact with someone concerning this program, contact

Support for the RIPPLE program is provided by the Benedum Foundation and Emily Tremaine


TFA RIPPLE communities for 2022 are Elkins, Clarksburg, and Williamson. TFA will be

selecting three 2023 communities in the fall. Interested in making RIPPLE part of your community?

Contact Executive Director Renee Margocee at

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