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The Market's Gotta a Brand New Bag!

The Williamson Farmers Market is offering their Pull Up 4 Produce Meal Kit Bags again! Each bag has a theme, such as an Italian dinner or breakfast, with most of the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal for your family. Kristen DeBoard, Marketing and Nutrition Manager for Williamson Health and Wellness Center says she thinks one reason the bags are popular with their customer base is because it takes the guesswork and most of the prep work out of dinner.

Originally offered in the spring before the regular farmers market season began, the staff of the market was excited to bring the bags back for the fall. Kristen says, “We had a terrific response for the first round in the spring and I hope since it's getting colder out that people will look forward to cooking hearty meals.”

The farmers market team also offers a cooking demonstration video through Facebook live to give an idea of how the bag ingredients can be used to create a healthy, nutritious meal. They hope to be able to do these videos each week.

Another fun thing we've noticed is the amount of people that share their recipes and finished meal photos each week! With each bag, at-home chefs emerge as they create their own fabulous meals from the kits.

Where Does the Money Go?

Kristen tells us the meal kit bags are a good fundraiser for the market too. “People think the market makes money, but actually our vendors make money not the market. Our market fees go back to cover weekly market expenses such as the port-a-potty at the market lot and other expenses. We have very little money left to work with. These bags give us a chance to make some winter money for the market that will be used for upcoming events,” she explains.

How to Get Your Bag!

Each week the Williamson Farmers Market will post on their Facebook page what the Pull Up 4 Produce Meal Kit Bag will feature that week. You are asked to pre-pay for each weekly bag by Mondays at 4:00pm through PayPal. Cash and SNAP benefits can also be used, but you will need to send a message to the Williamson Farmers Market Facebook page or call 304-235-3400 to reserve your bag.The cost of each kit is $20.00. Unlike the CSA boxes during the summer, you are not required to commit to purchasing a bag each week, but you’ll probably want one every week! You'll pick up your meal kit each Thursday from 3:00pm -6:30pm at the Williamson Farmers Market lot on 3rd. Avenue Williamson. This will be set up in drive-thru format again to observe COVID-19 safety guidelines.

*Pull Up 4 Produce photos from Williamson Farmers Market.

*Yummy looking prepared meal creation photos from Chris Varney. Chris created those meals using ingredients from the spring meal kits.

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