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The Most Totally Rad Decade Was...

National Retro Day is February 27th and everybody has a favorite decade! Maybe you like the sleek lines of the clothes from the 1960s, or you’re more of a poodle skirt and saddle shoes kind of person. If you like music, maybe you can’t decide between 1970s disco, or 1920s jazz. Williamson Forward checked in with some folks in the area to find out what their favorite decade was, and found out that one decade stood head and shoulders above the rest.

For Kristin DeBoard, it’s a tie between the 80s and the 50s. “Well, the 80s remind of a peaceful carefree time, when I had zero responsibility and just ate McDonalds Happy Meals, and watched She-Ra and Jem,” she says. “But, I love the 50s and I never experienced that decade...I enjoy cooking and other things that women were the primary doers of at that time, and I just think I would have loved it,” she says. She also credits her love for the music of that time, especially Doo Wop music.

Totally Psyched About the 80s

The 1980s was easily the most popular decade in Williamson! Leigh Ann Ray loves the 80s. “I graduated high school and went to college in the late 80s,” she says. “It really was the best time of my life.”

Lisa Yates, another Williamson resident, also loves the 80s. “I loved growing up in a time of great music,” she said. “Everything was so funky! Music, art and fashion were all tied together, and I think you had more of an opportunity to express yourself and see someone like you in movies and on TV.”

They aren’t the only ones with a passion for the 80s! Robin Browning agrees with Leigh Ann and Lisa. “Well! The 80s of course because of the wonderful choices of music we had!” It’s not just about the music, though.

Okey Newsome also loves the 80s, but not just for the music. “Nothing like the 80s. The toys were better, bright colors were in, and life was simple!”

Williamson Forward content writer Zoe Yates prefers the 70s.She says, “I love the fashion!” “Disco was so cool, and the culture surrounding that was amazing. Plus, you had so much cultural change going on in the world, it seems like it would have been such a cool time to be alive.”

Looking to celebrate your favorite decade? Feel free to dress up in your favorite vintage outfit, throw on some records or cassette tapes, and get to enjoying those retro vibes.

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