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The One Where You Celebrate Your Friends!

Friendship is a beautiful thing. No matter how long you’ve known your friends, it’s great to have pals to unwind with, and it feels good knowing someone has your back. Why not celebrate those friends you love most on International Day of Friendship? Williamson Forward has some ideas as to how you can celebrate your friendships.

Spending Quality Time Together

If you and your friends enjoy healthy living and spending time outside, why not participate in a virtual marathon together? The Tug Valley Road Runners Club is offering two virtual races: Colors of Hope and the famous Hatfield-McCoy Marathon. If your friends are outdoorsy but tend to prefer a more relaxing hobby, check out the fishing you can do on the Tug Fork River.

If you’d rather stay home, why not invite friends over for a barbecue or nice dinner? It doesn’t have to be a major holiday to bring out the grill or your favorite fudge recipes-- celebrating your friendships are reason enough.

Are you and your friends television and movie buffs? Have a movie night at home or watch your favorite tv show! Pop some popcorn and settle in for a few laughs.

Go Retro

If all else fails, write your friends a letter with your favorite memories, or make them a playlist of songs that reminds you of them. Send your friend a card through the US Postal Service. It’s fun to get something out of the mailbox that isn’t a bill! You don’t have to go overboard to celebrate International Day of Friendship, but if you’re looking to celebrate your friends this July 30th, there are plenty of ways to do it!

How are you going to celebrate International Day of Friendship?

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