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The River is Calling!

Kayaking on the Tug!

Williamson Parks and Recreation is dedicated to offering folks throughout the community, as well as visitors, various outdoor activities, says Executive Director Jarrod Dean. Jarrod and others noticed the popularity of the Tug Fork River among folks from around and outside the area and that’s when they decided to capitalize on river activities by offering a kayak rental program.

Over the past few years, area families and visitors have increasingly started to take advantage of all the Tug Fork River has to offer. From fishing to day-long floats, and now kayaking, the river is always active. By offering kayak rentals to both residents and visitors, Williamson Parks and Recreation is helping promote additional tourism opportunities in our community, while also giving community members another opportunity to enjoy their hometown.

“We see the Tug River and other water access points in our county as a tremendous asset,” Jarrod says, “River recreation has become even more popular during COVID-19 , so we had a “seize the day” moment and decided we should get in on this.”

For Jarrod, this is also another way to give back to the families in the community, and that’s what’s important he says. “I want to try to do everything I can for the kids and families in our community, and this is just one of many ways we can give back.”

If you’re interested in reserving a kayak you can contact Jarrod by phone at 304-785-7602 or through the Williamson Parks and Recreation Facebook page. Shuttle service is also offered at an additional rate.

Photos provided by Williamson Parks and Recreation

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