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This is delicious!

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food." – George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright

There’s a certain universal happiness found in sharing food and conversation with good company. Food can nourish the body as well as the soul. The #Williamson Farmers Market Holiday Recipe Roundup gives life to that thought.

Armed with their favorite holiday recipes and prepared dishes, community members gather at the HUB on 3rd Avenue to share their love of food. An Amish chicken casserole like grandma used to make is on the table next to a unique jalapeño cranberry salsa. The smell of freshly made pumpkin waffles fills the air.

Health Eating with a Twist

“Top your waffle with the organic maple syrup, sprinkle on some cinnamon, and top it with the cacao chocolate chips.” Instructs nine-year-old Kylie. She is the daughter of Williamson Farmers Market Community Healthy Eating Organizer, Kristen DeBoard.

Kristen and Market Manager, Maria Arnot, are avid supporters of healthy eating. Through the Williamson Farmers Market, this duo hosts monthly cooking classes showcasing ways to use healthy, fresh foods.

“Maria and I always offer a healthy twist on the food we bring to the classes. With the recipe roundup there’s no pressure for anyone to do anything. Just show up with your favorite holiday dish.” says Kristen.

We’re Going to Need Two Plates

Looking down the line something becomes obvious. This is going to be a two-plate kind of buffet. Everything looks and smells delicious. No food left untried is the motto of the evening. After everyone grabs a plate or two, it’s time to sit together and dig in!

Three yummy suspicions are confirmed.

1. Everything is as delicious as it looks.

2. There’s some fabulous cooks at the roundup.

3. Food brings people together.

Everyone is laughing and telling stories as they eat. They are enjoying the company as much as the food.

Now, the final question. Is there any leftovers?

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