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To 100 Miles and Beyond! #LocalRunner: Niles McCoy

The 4th Annual Conquer the Wall 35 & 47 Hour Endurance Challenge hosted by the Tug Valley Road Runners Club was held March 12-14 in Williamson. This ultramarathon is a test of strength and endurance, both physically and mentally. One local runner, Niles McCoy, took the challenge and met his goal of reaching 100+ miles during the event.

19-year-old Niles set a goal to reach 100 miles during Conquer the Wall, and at the 44 hours and 42 minutes mark, he reached 100.45 miles!

“I wanted to challenge myself and to see how far I could go and to represent the Tug Valley Road Runners Club. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and to be the first person in my family to do so,” says Niles

Niles’ parents, Chris and Heather McCoy, and his brother Aidan, are active in running and sports, as well. This family knows the effort it takes to meet such a lofty goal.

Prior to this, the highest amount of miles during a running event for Niles was 43 miles in November 2020 during the TVRRC Darn You Covid! race. Also, did we mention Niles has only been running about 18 months? His dedication and hard-work definitely shows in this achievement.

TVRRC President Alexis Batausa says, “For a 19-year-old who has overcome a lot these past couple of years and with the pandemic here lately, Niles chose the right time to run and train with us. He has learned a lot and is still learning. This sport will never disappear because of individuals like him who are passionate. He empathizes and understands what it takes to reach such a milestone goal and we are so happy and very proud of him!”

Niles tells us his favorite thing about running is being active and being in shape, but the relationships he has formed with the TVRRC is another part of why he enjoys running.

He says, “I enjoy the friendships I have made from running and being a part of the Tug Valley Road Runners Club.”

What’s up next for Niles? In addition to his daily training, he says he is planning to run all the races the TVRRC hosts in the upcoming months and is considering competing in the Myrtle Beach Marathon in May.

We asked Niles if he has some advice for anyone that is thinking of taking up running or wondering, "Is this something I can do?” Niles optimistically says, “I would tell them yes, because anybody can do it with a little determination and dedication.”

If we could all have just a bit of Niles’ determination and dedication, we would be able to accomplish so much. Congratulations on your achievement, Niles!

Photos provided by proud parents, Chris & Heather McCoy

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