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Trail 10 House and ATV Tours Presents: The Adventure Overload Tour!

All the Best Spots in the Area

If you’re interested in a tour of the area’s trails that will take you through the most popular historical and scenic spots, the Adventure Overload Tour is for you! Heather and Leo New, owners of Trail 10 House and ATV Tours will be hosting the Adventure Overload tour on June 13th.

A Mix of History and Fun

“We have done hundreds of tours and picked up on what people seem to like the best about the tours,” Says Heather, who organizes the tours. “This tour combines all of that into one tour. It’s a mix of scenic...with history.” The ATV tour will begin in Williamson at 9:30am, and take riders across Buffalo Mountain to historic Matewan. There, they will stop at the site of the Matewan Massacre before having lunch in town.

After lunch, the group will head into Kentucky to see sites from the Hatfield-McCoy feud. This year, Heather and Leo have added some of Kentucky’s outlaw trails to the tour, which are in close proximity to the historical sites they will be visiting. The trip won’t stick to the historical sites only. Riders will also stop by various scenic overlooks and what Heather calls the “playground” and mud pit. “People like to play in the mud there and stop and relax,” she says.

The tour lasts between 8 and 10 hours, and will end back in Williamson. It is designed to stick to beginner and intermediate levels and is family friendly, but the route they take can change. “We alter the plans a lot, and will go where the group tends to want to go, so it does not always stay on track 100%, but they(the riders) are always happy!” says Heather.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this tour will be a little smaller than normal. “We will still be practicing basic social distancing, which isn’t hard on trails. When we stop, we’ll just stand a bit further apart, and people can bring masks if they like.”


To secure your spot, tickets must be purchased in advance through eventbrite. To learn more about this tour or register, visit here. Visit Trail 10 House and Adventure Tours on Facebook to learn more about all of their upcoming events!

All photos from Trail 10 House & ATV Tours

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