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Tug Valley CVB

“Why Should I Come Here?”

Williamson has a lot to offer tourists-- from the mountains and trails surrounding the city to the local food and culture, there’s something for everyone. It is the Tug Valley CVB’s job to show the world what makes Williamson special. Wes Wilson, the managing director of the CVB, says “When people ask the question ‘why should I come here?’...We constantly ‘hype up’ this place we call home.”

A Team Effort

As the managing director, Wes is the face of the CVB, and he spends about 5 days a week at the Coal House in downtown Williamson, talking to prospective tourists, answering calls, and sending out information about the city.

“I’m an ambassador for our area,” says Wes. “I see it as a blessing to talk about and promote a place that is so near and dear to my heart.” Though Wes works hard, he’s not alone. “It’s all about the team effort, and I’m successful because of the team we have,” he says.

The Tug Valley CVB is made up of 7 other people working alongside Wes to “hype up” Williamson. “Everyone has a great passion, drive, and awesome energy to want to see things happen in our area,” says Wes.

Williamson’s Cheerleaders

“We’re the biggest cheerleaders for all things local,” Wes says on the CVB’s duties. The biggest draw for tourists is the variety of outdoor recreational activities available in the region, many of which are available year-round.

“Folks love the fact that they can come in on any day of the week and ‘hit the hills,’” he says.

In addition to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, the CVB highlights hiking and walking trails in the region, and the fishing opportunities along the Tug River.

The CVB might be Williamson’s cheerleaders, but their job is more than that. They also help to create and manage events to attract people to the region. In the past, the Tug Valley CVB has hosted a variety of popular events, which often have attendance in the thousands. When asked to pick a favorite from past events, he struggles to pick just one.

“I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Old Hospital on College Hill’, [and] the Route 52 Car Cruise. I also really enjoyed this year’s [2018] Spookfest. To see so many kids smiling and enjoying themselves was a great feeling.”

Future of the Tug Valley CVB

As for future events in Williamson, there is a lot to look forward to. On April 26, 2019, the CVB will help to host Dirt Days, an event highlighting the off-road recreation opportunities in the region.

The Tug Valley CVB hosts meetings at the end of every month and Wes encourages folks in Williamson to come and share ideas with the board. “The more people we can involve, the better, as everyone brings unique ideas to the table,” He says. “We want to see this area grow and thrive.”

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