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Tug Valley High School Valedictorian: Elisabeth Baisden

Becoming Valedictorian has been Elisabeth Baisden’s dream since she was a freshman. Now, her dream is finally realized. The journey to becoming Tug Valley High School’s Valedictorian was a tough one full of hard classes, but it was worth it in the end. “I had to take a lot of honors, AP, and Dual Credit classes, and make straight A’s to boost my GPA. It was really hard to manage my time for all of these classes, especially when it was time for semester exams. It was worth it though because I enjoyed every class and teacher I had, regardless of how hard it was.”

Proving That She Can Achieve Anything

Elisabeth’s favorite part of going to school at TVHS was the staff. “They were all so nice and helpful. They really do want people to succeed.” Elisabeth enjoyed a variety of classes at TVHS, including everything from AP English and US History to Calculus and Sociology, but for her, the best memories came outside the classroom. “My best memories at Tug were going to the state Beta convention every year, cheering on the soccer and football games, and being in student government.” Outside of school, she also enjoys spending time with her loved ones, listening to music, and being a part of the youth group at her church.

Now that her senior year is over, Elisabeth plans to attend Marshall University and major in Secondary English Education, and become either ESL or TEFL certified so that she can teach English to foreign students. She is also hoping to go to law school.

For her, the desire to be a teacher is in the family. “My mom is a teacher so I’ve been able to go in her room and help her with groups and do other activities with her kids, so I knew I wouldn’t mind teaching,” she says. Her dreams of going to law school come from a class at the Governor’s Honors Academy about law and the Supreme Court.

Elisabeth wanted to be a Valedictorian to show herself what she could accomplish with a little hard work. “I wanted to be Valedictorian to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything I want. By achieving this goal, I’ve proved to myself that I’m capable of working hard to reach my dreams.”

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