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We're Going To Town

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Growing up that always meant, “We’re going to Williamson.” Williamson was “town”. From shopping to eating to going to the doctor, Williamson was the place to go. It’s time to come back to town.  

Welcome to Williamson Forward. This is an initiative to do just what the name suggests.  Move Williamson forward into new exciting directions! For too long we’ve allowed others to narrate our story for us in this great Tug Valley region. This is our story to tell. It’s one of hard work, heritage, community, friends, family, and all that makes our area so unique. This is our magnificent area to share with the world.  The wondrous beauty found in our mountains is unmatched. It’s a year-round outdoor adventure playground. With the Hatfield & McCoy trails, hiking, kayaking on the Tug River, fishing, and more there’s an activity for everyone.   This is the time to introduce our talented people to everyone. Artisans, photographers, painters, musicians, woodworkers, and writers all call Williamson home. 

Join us here at Williamson Forward as we introduce our community to people across the nation and around the globe.

Are you ready to go to town?

Chris Dotson

WF Local Coordinator

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