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Williamson Forward and Mountain Top Media: Spreading Positivity Across the Radio Waves

Williamson Forward and Mountain Top Media are working together to bring you the Williamson Forward Report! This daily radio report will feature local, postive information from

Williamson Forward is dedicated to spreading positivity across the area by celebrating local characters, businesses, organizations, and more. Williamson Forward Local Coordinator, Chris Dotson says the collaboration between the two groups is a natural fit to continue highlighting the great things happening in Williamson and across the Tug Valley.

“We are so excited about this partnership with Mountain Top Media. This is another way we can work together to take control of our own story and show others how wonderful our area is,” says Chris.

Cindy May Johnson, President of Mountain Top Media says, “We are committed to providing information in the public interest of our communities. Williamson Forward is a great opportunity for us to help tell the positive stories of the Tug Valley.”

Tune in to listen to the Williamson Forward Report presented by Mountain Top Media on Coal Country 96.5 WXCC, Fox Mountaintop Sports, a network that includes WBTH 1460 AM and 104.3 FM at 8:20am, 11:30am, and 3:30pm(times may vary depending on special programming) Monday through Friday.

As always, thanks for supporting Williamson Forward! Don’t forget to check out Mountain Top Media on Facebook and online at

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