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Women's Health and Wellness Event Hosted by Williamson Health and Wellness Center

Women’s health is an important topic. However, many women are so busy with work, family, and other things, they ignore their health. That’s why women in our area should not miss the upcoming Women’s Wellness Event, hosted by Williamson Health and Wellness Center on Thursday, September 9th beginning at 4:30pm at the Mountaineer Hotel in Williamson, West Virginia.

The Women’s Wellness Event will be an entire evening dedicated to women’s health. The event will begin with blood pressure screenings, A1c checks, stroke risk score cards, prediabetes risk tests, heart age calculations, COVID-19 vaccines, and more information for the women in attendance. At 6:00pm, guests will be treated to a catered dinner. During dinner, Nurse Practitioner Anitra Ellis, NP-C will discuss women’s health matters.

“It is the nature of Appalachian women to ignore their own health while ensuring to take care of everyone else,” Says Amy Dearfield- Hannah with Williamson Health and Wellness Center. “We will make the time to take our children to the doctor when they are sick or to annual check ups and physicals, yet we won’t do it for ourselves. We care for spouses, parents, siblings and friends and still find excuses to ignore our own health needs. It is our hope that we can encourage women to realize the importance of preventative screenings and self care. After all, how can we care for others if we do not first care for ourselves?”

This is a free event, but pre-registration is required as space is limited. To register contact Amy at 304-235-3400 extension 1120. To learn more about this event, check out the Facebook page!

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