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World Diabetes Day- Family Prevention

According to, World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by the World Health Organization in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by diabetes. Each year the campaign focuses on a theme, with the 2019 theme being Family and Diabetes. This theme is to raise awareness about the role of the family in the management, care, prevention, and education of diabetes. To help you get started on your way to a better understanding of diabetes prevention and care, we’ve found some helpful hints for you to remember.

Prevention for Children offers the following tips for prevention of diabetes in children:

1. Limit screen time, including TV’s, computers, tablets, and phones.

2. Be active! Go for walks, play some ball, or go hiking. Aim for 60 minutes of activity per day.

3. Cut back on sugar. One way to cut sugar in a child’s diet is by limiting sugary drinks.

4. Offer healthy snacks. Turn snack time focus to fresh veggies and fruits.

5. Eat dinner as a family. Make dinner a TV and electronics-free zone.

Prevention for Adults

For adult diabetes prevention, gives these tips:

1. Cut sugar and refined carbs from your diet! Avoiding these foods may help reduce your risk.

2. Exercise. Find an activity that you love! If you love the activity, you’ll want to do it daily!

3. Drink more water. Cut out the sugar-sweetened beverages and make water your drink of choice.

4. Lose weight. If you’re overweight or obese, start a healthy weight loss program to shed those excess pounds.

5. Quit smoking. Smoking has been linked to many health problems, including diabetes. The sooner you quit, the quicker you reduce your diabetes risk.

Get Started

Many of the things on the list of prevention activities for adults and children are the same. Make it a family effort to reduce the risk of diabetes in your home.

In Williamson, being active is easy! Sign up for any of the monthly 5K’s hosted by the Tug Valley Road Runners. Just because it says “run”, that doesn’t mean you MUST run! Walk the course! The TVRR Club welcomes walkers, runners, or joggers- just get moving for your health!

With access to the Hatfield and McCoy trails and other hiking spots, a great way to spend a Saturday morning is gathering the friends and families for a hike! From beginner level to advanced, there’s a trail for your fitness level.

For health and nutrition, check out the monthly healthy cooking classes offered by the Williamson Farmers Market team. Jr. Chef classes for children and community cooking classes geared towards adults are a great place to start your healthy cooking journey. Follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on classes offered.

Start cutting your risk and your family’s risk for diabetes today! Consult your doctor, make a plan, and put it into action! There’s no time like now to take better care of you!

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