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YED 2020 Spotlight: Abram Sturgill

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: Abram Sturgill

On July 25, young entrepreneurs throughout the area will be highlighted at Young Entrepreneur’s Day! Unlike some other participants, Abram Sturgill is no stranger to running a business. He’s a budding blacksmith who helps his family with everything they do at Sturgill Mountain Homestead!

Hand-Forged Items and Treats!

Abram will be selling a variety of hooks and items that he forged himself on his own forge. He will also have jam, honey, and a few additional homemade or homegrown items that he has made at his family business, Sturgill Mountain Homestead. Abram is a 15-year-old student at Tug Valley High School, where he enjoys his agriculture classes more than anything else. Looking forward to the upcoming school year, he is excited to find out if he will be able to participate in Project Lead the Way at Mingo Central High School.

About Young Entrepreneurs Day Abram says, “I look forward to the experience and networking with other local business owners.” He goes on to say that above all else, he looks forward to building a customer base.

To keep up with Abram before the big event, check out his Facebook page!

To support Abram and the other young entrepreneurs, come out on Saturday, July 25th during Young Entrepreneurs Day 2020 hosted by the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and Healthy in the Hills. The event will be held at the Williamson Farmers Market on 3rd Avenue, Williamson,WV from 9am - 2pm.

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