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YED 2020 Spotlight: Emily Taylor

On July 25th, young business owners interested in operating their own small business will have the opportunity to learn more at Young Entrepreneur’s Day. For Emily Taylor, who will be selling handmade home decor, this will be an exciting chance to meet new customers.

Sharing Her Art

Emily is 18 and fresh out of Belfry High School, where her favorite subjects were history, english, and art. Emily has always loved art, and this summer, she decided it was time to do something to express her hard-earned skills. She began sharing posts about her handmade home decor on Facebook, and found that people responded.

Learning About Business

At Young Entrepreneurs Day, Emily will be selling a variety of handmade home decorations at her business, Emily's Creative Creations. For her, this is going to be a great chance to learn new things about owning a small business. “I am most excited to learn more about business,” Emily says.

If you’d like to support Emily and the other young business owners, come out on Saturday, July 25th during Young Entrepreneurs Day 2020 hosted by the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and Healthy in the Hills. The event will be held at the Williamson Farmers Market on 3rd Avenue, Williamson,WV from 9am - 2pm.

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