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YED 2020 Spotlight: Karsyn Noe & Kylie DeBoard

Meet: Kylie DeBoard and Karsyn Noe

Young entrepreneurs in the Williamson area will have a chance to share their goods and learn new business skills during Young Entrepreneur’s Day on July 25, 2020. 11-year-old entrepreneurs Kylie DeBoard and Karsyn Noe will be among those young business owners promoting their business during the event.

Shooting Stars Shop

Kylie and Karsyn’s business will be called the “Shooting Stars Shop.” They will sell tie-dyed items of all kinds, drawings, and paintings. The girls are lifelong friends, says Kylie, and they’ve been making art together for years.

“We have been friends since we were born,” she says. “We do a lot of things together! We paint or draw together whenever we have sleepovers.”

Karsyn says, “ Painting and drawing have always been my passion. My favorite type of drawings are animation characters. I just recently branched out in my skills of painting in other subjects such as flowers, lake and sky scenes, and just about anything I am interested in at the time. I am especially inspired by Bob Ross. I feel this is a good time to finally showcase my art. The entrepreneur’s day is a perfect time to share my work with others.”

Kylie’s mom, Kristin, works at the Farmers Market, and encouraged the girls to sell their artwork. “My mom suggested we enter our artwork to be sold because we paint all the time, and we are excited to make some money!” Kylie says.

If you’d like to support Karsyn and Kylie and the other young entrepreneurs, come out on Saturday, July 25th to Young Entrepreneurs Day 2020 hosted by the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and Healthy in the Hills. The event will be held at the Williamson Farmers Market on 3rd Avenue, Williamson,WV.

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