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Young Entrepreneurs Day 2022 Feature: Sawyer James

Since 2020, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce has brought entrepreneurial experience to kids in the area via their Young Entrepreneurs Day event, which allows kids ages 8-18 to get experience and showcase what handcrafted products they have to offer.

First Business Before 10

Among the kids participating in Young Entrepreneurs Day will be Sawyer James, who will turn 8 on the day of the event. Sawyer will be showcasing her business, Sawyer’s Lemonade, featuring, you guessed it, fresh and frozen lemonade and strawberry lemonade.

Sawyer’s Lemonade will be showing up at the Williamson Field House in style, with a lemonade stand hand-built by Sawyer’s uncle and a family friend. Sawyer actually decided to start her lemonade stand after hearing about Young Entrepreneurs Day via Facebook, so she is looking forward to showing what she can do through this program.

To prepare, she’s been staining and decorating her stand, and purchasing the supplies necessary for “a fun experience and successful day.”

Young Entrepreneurs Day 2022 will be Saturday, July 16. It will take place at the Williamson Field House from 10 AM to 3 PM. Participants ages 8-18 will be showcasing their entrepreneurial skills for the folks of the area. Come show your support for the next generation of business owners!

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