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Young Entrepreneurs Day: Meet Hannah Sanger

Hannah Sanger 

Since 2020, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce has hosted Young Entrepreneurs Day, an event that puts under-18 business owners in the area at the forefront and offers them new opportunities. Many kids and teens have participated in that time, and thanks to the success they helped to make possible, the Chamber of Commerce is happy to be hosting the 4th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Day on Saturday, August 5 from 10am-3pm in the Williamson Field House.  

Kids in this area are so creative, and have so much to offer the community. At YED, they’ll be putting their best foot forward with their businesses, which offer everything from sweet snacks to art. Among these great kids is Hannah Sanger, who will be bringing her business, Hannah Faith Photography, to the community. 

Hannah, a student at Belfry Elementary School, has actually attended the last 3 Young Entrepreneurs Days, but wasn’t old enough to participate. “The second year, I asked if I could participate, and I was told I needed to be 8,” She says. Now that she’s finally 8 years old, she’s excited to finally join in on the fun. “I’ve been looking forward to this all year.” 

Hannah is the daughter of Melissa and Randall Sanger.   Randall is a well-known photographer and Hannah has always loved spending time with him while he worked. “I love seeing all these neat places he takes me to get pictures,” She says. “I also love spending time with daddy doing what he loves.” Randall has now passed his love for photography on to Hannah. “Daddy took me out for some lessons a couple of months ago, and I knew I loved doing photography.” 

Hannah Faith Photography will offer matted prints of her photography, as well as magnets, tumblers, and canvas prints. She is looking forward to sharing her work with the world, saying “I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of people come out and see all my cool photography.” She also enjoys the responsibility of running her own business. 

Be sure to come out to Young Entrepreneurs Day to pick up some works by Williamson’s newest photographer! 

Photos provided by Hannah's proud parents.

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