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Young Gardener: Josiah Hatcher

Starting Small

Local teen Josiah Hatcher’s passion for gardening all started when his uncle brought him some pepper plants. “I became interested in gardening about two years ago,” He says. “It all started when I randomly planted them (the plants) in my yard, and they grew!” This led to me wanting to explore the idea of starting a small garden of my own.

Even though Josiah has only been gardening for a couple of years, it has grown and developed over time. “I didn’t even start out with an actual garden!” He says. “The pepper plant my uncle brought me was planted on my rocky hillside, though now I have found a flat, even surface to plant…” Josiah isn’t just gardening at home-- he also has a plot at Ramella Park in Williamson.

He enjoys growing a variety of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. He also grows herbs, but for him, the first vegetable he ever grew will always be a favorite. “My favorite things to grow are pepper plants...because there is a very large selection.”

Relaxing in Nature

For Josiah, the best part of having a garden is the harvest. “I like harvesting-not just for me, but to share and bless others,” He says. Gardening has also placed him closer to religion. “I love watching God work His power by giving me an abundant harvest from my garden,” He says. Gardening is a special way for him to unwind. “It makes me feel relaxed,” He says. “The cool breeze of the wind and the chirping of the birds brings peace to the mind and relieves all of my stress. I enjoy it so much!”

All photos provided by Josiah's proud mom Tonya Hatcher

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