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#YoungEntrepreneur: Becca's Clay Creations

Local 14 year old Becca Robinette has enjoyed art and playing with clay since she was young. Two years ago, she saw people on social media posting their clay jewelry creations, and became inspired. “I wanted to try it, so I did,” she says. “I kept practicing and became pretty good at it.”

Soon, Becca had quite a collection of clay jewelry, and her mom suggested she take it to Etsy and make a little extra cash. Becca’s Clay Creations was born, but it wasn’t easy. “It took a lot of time making jewelry and saving up money for more supplies to make this happen” Becca says. “All of my money goes into getting more supplies for making jewelry, and now on holidays, I usually ask for jewelry making supplies!”

Becca’s Clay Creations offers a variety of clay pieces. “My business offers homemade, handcrafted clay jewelry unlike anything you have seen before,” Becca says. “And that includes custom orders.” Her favorite things to offer are matching clay earring and bracelet sets. “They go with so many different outfits!” she says.

Becca’s favorite thing about being a small business owner is getting to be in control of her own designs. “My favorite thing about owning my own small business is that I can come up with my own designs for jewelry, and no one can tell me what to do or how to do it,” she says.

In her free time, Becca is a lot like other teens. She has a twin, who “likes completely different things” than she does, and she’s inspired by her great-great grandmother. “She loved jewelry, and used to work at a jewelry store years ago,” she says. Becca is also inspired by her mom, a hard-working nurse.

Want to learn more about Becca’s Clay Creations? Check out her Facebook page to take a look at all of her designs!

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